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About Us

Executive Summary

ACE Driving Academy offers a wide range of driver education program. It is ultimately the goal of the company to be a one-stop facility for all driver needs, including registration, licensing, insurance reduction courses etc., our Instructors are coming with background of 20 years of experience. ACE Driving mainly offers education for class 5

Service Description

ACE Driving Academy provides a wide range of province-certified courses and services. These include:

  1. Adult early morning, evening and noon classes for the busy working individual.
  2. Street safe courses.
  3. Brush up courses (Class 4 & Non GDL).
  4. Winter driving Course.
  5. Insurance Reduction Course.
  6. Pick up & drop off from home or work.
  7. In-Class Insurance Course or on-line Insurance Class.


The mission of ACE Driving Academy is to provide high quality, convenient and comprehensive driver education courses at the reasonable cost. The most important aspect of driver education is SAFETY. It is the goal of ACE Driving Academy to have graduates of our programs with the safest driving records of any other competitor in Calgary Alberta and to exploit that reputation to create greater market share.

Keys to Success

ACE Driving Academy stands at a great moment in its history. Having achieved an enviable record of providing the reasonable cost drivers education services with comparable quality for the greater Calgary area, the company is ready to expand into the adjoining areas in Calgary.

Three years ago, when the company was founded, the owners realized that there was a great untapped opportunity in this industry. No company was providing what the customers truly demanded, high quality driver education at the lowest possible cost. The opportunity rested in creating synergy with other organizations that were either buyers or suppliers, by doing so a company could reduce costs, shut out competition, and gain market share. This has been Ace’s driving strategy and winning business model since the company began. It’s steady growth in a mature market has proven the company’s management policy over time. Now the company is ready to expand and the keys to success over the next three years for such an endeavour are as follows:

  1. Reasonable costs so that the company’s gross margin increases.
  2. Strengthen and pursue partnerships and strategic alliances with suppliers so as to further reduce costs.

Experienced instructors with years of industry experience

One-on-one training on the road

Emphasis on practical hands on training

Open seven days a week for your convenience

Pay for the Course