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Don’t know where to start but my driving instructor, Jatinder changed my life. I never drove before and I was very nervous the first time and she taught me everything very smoothly and efficiently that now I am already a great driver and we only had a few classes together. Jatinder was very professional but also like a friend I knew at the same time while I was driving so I was never under pressure to do well because she was by my side assisting and helping me when I needed it the most. I’m really thankful that I found Ace Driving Academy and Jatinder and will never forget you.

Maaz Atique |

There’s absolutely no way that you can dislike the lessons provided by Ace Driving Academy. I had the privelege of being taught by Jatinder who is nothing short of an exceptional teacher and a person. She not only knows how to teach but she also builds a connection with her students and converses during the entire class. I always enjoyed being in the car with her because we would make the best of our class. I highly recommend this academy for anyone, especially those that fear driving for the first time (as I was one of those people) Nonetheless, with Ace Driving School there is not a chance that you will be unsatisfied. Both driving instructors will walk you through each step of driving and will make it enjoyable at the same time. 5 stars is an understatement for such an incredible driving school.

Soban Atique |

First of all I would like to thank you Jati� you know what for the 1st time I don’t know what I’m doing to do! But look at now I confident I can drive because you help me a lot you are good structure to your students. Thank you very much!�� I never forget you as my very good teacher!!

Jonalyn Magpantay Magsipoc |

Loved attending this school! Jati was a wonderful teacher, and she helped me improve my driving skills. She is very patient and always excited to teach (she is also lovely to have conversations with). I felt very safe driving with her. Jati guided me onto the right ‘route’ to pass my road test on the first attempt. I very much recommend attending this driving school!

Jelian Quincina |

Whoever needs to get their drivers YOU should come to this Ace driving Academy!! Come here if you want to pass on your first try! My instructor was very calm and had an excellent communication skill, giving good examples,it was very easy to understand and remember key things I needed to memorize for the actual roadtest. I passed the road test on my first try! I shall recommend anyone who hasn’t taken their drivers test to come to this place!

Shaina Hyein Kim |

probably one of the best driving schools in Calgary! they really helped me get comfortable with my driving skills before my road test and ace it on my first try (pun intended) i would really recommend them!!!

Emmanuel Jerome G |

Excellent teachers, I learned most of the essentials I required with only ten hours of driving+ additional personal driving. The instructors (JT and Henna) were incredibly patient and kind while teaching me to drive. Ace driving is a must recommend.

Timothy Ly |

Got my licence. Awesome school in Calgary.Everyone must go for it.just go for it dont think an will got positive and encouraged lessons.

Furqan Haider |

This driving school is seriously amazing! Although I had some experience driving before the course, it was only slow practices in parking lots. I was so scared before I started, but once I got on the road it was fine. Henna was my instructor, and she was amazing at teaching the ins and outs of driving. I had great feedbacks and even though before I felt very afraid and not confident about the road test, but because Henna gave me those tips and things to be aware of, I was able to pass the test with ease!

I was recommended by my friend to JT and although I had only talked to her on the phone, she was very accommodating and kind on all the questions and requests I had. Their prices are also very reasonable and more affordable than most other places. It was great having Henna as my instructor and JT for everything else needed through my course!

Ellie Teng |

My driving lessons could have not gone better. Don’t let the cheap price of the training fool you, the lessons are of exact or greater in value and quality compared to the larger more well known driving schools.

Jatinder and Henna both were very polite, patient and great teachers in their own ways. Both teach you so much and give you extensive road training based on your skill level and establish good driving discipline. As someone who had previous road knowledge, both instructors challenged me not just with my skill on the road, but they also challenged and encouraged me to enforce courtesy and safety among those drivers who are still learning or making mistakes. Through their training, I passed my road test in flying colours

This was definitely a school I’d recommend to anyone of any skill level to brush up or train for Class 5 GDL. If you’re nervous or an anxious person to begin with, you have no need to worry with Ace, they will turn a rookie driver scared of touching the pedals to a car enthusiast by the end of their lessons.

Thank you Jatinder and Henna once again for teaching me so well and making sure I will be a driver of skill and safe leader in the asphalt jungle.

Simranjit Singh Puar |

Very reasonable to students, understanding and consideration. She knows all the rules and expectations from the roaf test. Clearly indicated and high light all the important points that you’re required to know during the road test.

Jeffry Tao |

Where do I start? Thank you Ace Driving Academy. Jatinder was and is still a blessing to me. She made my driving lessons so memorable and eventful. I first saw her taking a colleague of mine for a driving lesson and when I saw the way she interacted with her, I thought, oh my God she is so nice and encouraging, this is the type of instructor I would love to teach me, and thank God, she didn’t disappoint.

My interaction with JT was a great experience and one that I would cherish for the rest of my life. she made me feel I could do it even when I doubted myself. Now, I am a qualified driver because of her. She didn’t leave anything to chance. she thought me everything I need to know to become a good driver and I am really grateful for the opportunity to have met someone like her.

I am not one that blow someone’s trumpet, but on this occasion, I will about her. If anyone out there is looking for a driving instructor, Jatinder is the one for you. She will calm your nerves and make driving a reality for you.

Bridgette Oates |

What a great experience it was! Just a few weeks ago driving was merely a dream…

I friend of mine, started her course first. She was with a different school at first. That other school was mostly focused on profit, not the students. My friend failed and lost the hope completely.

Until she came across Ace Driving Academy. Jatinder was the instructor, a Student-oriented instructor! My friend was given a great guidance and she passed a driving test. My friend spoke very highly of JT and that made me inspired.

So I contacted JT and asked her to meet in person. JT promptly returned my text messages and phone calls, and always was on time.

I have signed up for Course A. 15 hours of in-class theory school which brings your insurance down by 20-40% and 10 hours in vehicle practice. The in-class segment is nothing but excellent. The instructors share the knowledge that everyone expect you to know yet it is not written down anywhere. The studying materials are very well planned and truly thorough.

The theory classes combined with the guidance of JT while driving classes work Magic!

But the biggest achievement of JT’s I find is that she managed to break my fear of driving. My family didn’t have that belief in me and neither did I. But that fear is now a history!

I was very happy to have the female instructor. JT was very patient, carrying, knowledgable and inspiring!! She worked around my schedule and pointed out my mistakes in a professional manner and made sure I don’t make them again. She was cheering with me for every little win, she even took me to Deerfoot! Let’s be honest new drivers are terrified of Deerfoot and now that fear is also gone!

JT can even tell the speed of your vehicle without looking at the speedometer!

I am extremely happy about my choice of school and the instructor!

JT teaches from the heart, not from the book!

Dear JT, to the world you may be just the teacher but to your students you are the Hero!

Thank you so very much for your time, guidance and knowledge!

“A teacher affects eternity,
(S)he can never tell where (her)his influence stops”.

~ Henry Adams

Marina Valery Nikita |

I am very excited and happy, today I passed my road test and still can’t believe it. I never thought I would pass however with Jatinder’s effort and dedication to getting me through it I passed on my first attempt.

Jatinder is a brilliant instructor. I enjoyed every lesson, her instructions were straightforward and if I ever made a mistake she reassured me as to what I had to do, never making me feel stressed and making me a confident driver on the road.

Thank you Jatinder for your clear, patient and polite guidance throughout my learning. I would highly recommend ACE Academy to anyone wishing to learn.

Mohd Khalid |

Henna and the ace team are great. Thanks guys for your service

Fidel Ablorh |

I am so happy today after clearing my Class 5 Advance test. Credit goes to Jatinder Minhas for great training provided thru out the course. Very flexible with class schedules. I called few times for rescheduling and it was very easy without any issues. I highly recommend Jatinder and Ace Driving Academy to anybody looking to learn how to drive. Very professional and courteous. Thank you again Jatinder for a wonderful learning experience.

Nidhi Vishal |

I did my brush up with Jt and it was a great experience! I learned a lot from her in just 3 sessions and I passed my road test on my first try! Jt is very nice, patience and knowledgeable teacher. She helped me to build up my confidence in driving! I really recommend Jt and you won’t be disappointed to her…

Evangelyn Macatbag |

I had a very good experience with this school. The staff were very helpful, friendly, and they tried to give me days and times that will fit my schedule. They called me to remind me about my classes,and my exam.

All my classes were on time; the car I drove was in a good condition, clean and well equipped. The instructor (Jatinder) gave me all the necessary tips,and the knowledge which I needed to pass the test. She is experienced, patient , knowledgeable,and punctual. I passed my Class 5 GDL road test without any problem and would not hesitate to recommend this school. THANKS a lot to Ace Driving Academy, Calgary.

Bindu Sood |

My son got his license on the first try! Highly recommended!

Bindu Bhakri |

Ace Driving Academy is one of the best driving school in Calgary. Because of well guidance by Ace instructor, i clear my road test in first attempt… thanks for this ….

Manesh Pandit Chhetri |

My driving experience with ace driving academy was great, my instructor Jatinder Minhas was very kind, patient, and friendly it was very easy to learn to drive with her and she’s great at explaining what you need to do and how to do it.

Rajni Kamal Soni |

It takes a lot of patience to be a teacher, and i am glad to find the perfect one. I went to jatinder mam for my driving road test training, uncertain and demoralized. I wasn’t even sure if i had to give GDL 5 or Class 5. She as a exceptional mentor calmed my nerves while driving making it so easy to learn and within a couple of days i could feel the difference. After few hours of practice she was confident that i could give Class 5 and her belief gave me encouragement to go for it.

I cleared my Class 5 road test on 24 April and believe me it wasn’t possible without the guidance and training from Ace Driving Academy and Jatinder mam as my trainer.

I can assure you if you want to learn to drive Ace Driving Academy is truly your one stop success. I highly recommend this driving school.

Thank you Jatinder mam for your efforts and for believing in me.

Luv Duggal |

My driving experience with ace driving academy was great, my instructor Jatinder was very kind, patient, and friendly it was very easy to learn to drive with her and she’s great at explaining what you need to do and how to do it.

Jennifer Denig |

Only 10 hours of training with Henna at ACE with some additional practice private at home made me so confident that I passed the road exam in first attempt today so I would highly recommend ACE DRIVING SCHOOL for driving classes both Jatinder Ji n Henna have been very cooperative throughout the training and also encouraging.

Sty Lish |

Could not recommend this school enough!! I got taught by Henna, and she was amazing and so so patient. Got my license on my first try! Ace driving academy gave me so much confidence.

Cinzia Giacchetta |

Truly a great experience. My instructor Jatinder’s positivity and patience really helped boost my confidence in driving.I highly recommend this school to all the beginners who wants to learn how to drive. Keep up the good work!!

Ramandeep Kaur |

Earlier last week I passed my road test because of Ace Driving Academy, I took part of the 10-hour training session and can easily say I would recommend this place to all my friends. Jatinder was my trainer and taught me everything I know now. Thank you

Jaskarn Chauhan |

I was very pleased with my test as I passed the very first time! And it was all thanks to Mrs. Jathinder. She was a very good teacher, giving me tips and suggestions and making every aspect of what I was supposed to do understanding and simple.

Bilal Phoenix Zubair |

“The Safety of the People shall be the Highest Law.”

Marcus Tullius Cicero did not say this just to impress his subjects but infact he said this to protect them. And like Marcus, my Mother-like coach/ trainer and good friend JATINDER at ACE DRIVING ACADEMY truly embodies this same principle in which she does not just teach me to learn how to drive but specifically taught me on how to protect myself as well as the people around me while driving. Her capability to touch lives especially on teaching on how to drive is simply incredible, as well as her ability to teach in quite MOtherly-like approach. I surely experienced tons of fun driving with her and cannot imagine not having her as my driving coach.


Jay Vincent |

The best driving school in calgary.. I just finished my driving school today and i am very thankful to my instructor JATINDER.. She is so kind, calm and very professional instructor/driver.

Bat Timbol |

This is the best driving in Calgary with fair prices. Jatinder is very good at her skills, very patient, professional , knowledgeable Instructor. I recommend her to everyone .

Ekta Pankaj Bhanot |

A great experience. I got my drivers license very quickly. I felt confident and well prepared when going in for the road test. Highly recommended service.

Mayda Ali |

I am really glad today ! After clearing my road test ! I am really thankful to the Ace driving Academy ! Who gave me a accurate and professional driving skills that I really wanted .

Jot Kamboj |

Jatinder was very professional and patient throughout my training and helped me find confidence to clear my exam on first attempt. I highly recommend her services!

Aanchal Shashank Handa |

Thanks Jatinder mam for all your support and guidance during the classes…you made driving look soo easy. Your patience and motivation to teach is amazing. Thanks 

Juhhie Mendiratta |

Today, I am so happy because i passed my basic road test. I am very thankful to ACE DRIVING ACADEMY their teaching skills are much appreciable. My special thanks to JATINDER MINHAS & GURJEET JASWAL, both teachers are so nice.

Har Kler |

Thank you so much for your patience and support….. I pass my test because of you.

Again thank you

Eno Love |

My experience with Ace driving was excellent, JT is an amazing instructor!

Rihan Izehi Otoks |

Best experience learning from such professional and knowledgeable instructor

Naina Gill |

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