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No.1 rated female instructors for driving clases for female students


Soban Atique

There’s absolutely no way that you can dislike the lessons provided by Ace Driving Academy. I had the privelege of being taught by Jatinder who is nothing short of an exceptional teacher and a person. She not only knows how to teach but she also builds a connection with her students and converses during the entire class. I always enjoyed being in the car with her because we would make the best of our class. I highly recommend this academy for anyone, especially those that fear driving for the first time (as I was one of those people) Nonetheless, with Ace Driving School there is not a chance that you will be unsatisfied. Both driving instructors will walk you through each step of driving and will make it enjoyable at the same time. 5 stars is an understatement for such an incredible driving school.

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