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No.1 rated female instructors for driving clases for female students


Bridgette Oates

Where do I start? Thank you Ace Driving Academy. Jatinder was and is still a blessing to me. She made my driving lessons so memorable and eventful. I first saw her taking a colleague of mine for a driving lesson and when I saw the way she interacted with her, I thought, oh my God she is so nice and encouraging, this is the type of instructor I would love to teach me, and thank God, she didn’t disappoint.

My interaction with JT was a great experience and one that I would cherish for the rest of my life. she made me feel I could do it even when I doubted myself. Now, I am a qualified driver because of her. She didn’t leave anything to chance. she thought me everything I need to know to become a good driver and I am really grateful for the opportunity to have met someone like her.

I am not one that blow someone’s trumpet, but on this occasion, I will about her. If anyone out there is looking for a driving instructor, Jatinder is the one for you. She will calm your nerves and make driving a reality for you.

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