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No.1 rated female instructors for driving clases for female students


Ellie Teng

This driving school is seriously amazing! Although I had some experience driving before the course, it was only slow practices in parking lots. I was so scared before I started, but once I got on the road it was fine. Henna was my instructor, and she was amazing at teaching the ins and outs of driving. I had great feedbacks and even though before I felt very afraid and not confident about the road test, but because Henna gave me those tips and things to be aware of, I was able to pass the test with ease!

I was recommended by my friend to JT and although I had only talked to her on the phone, she was very accommodating and kind on all the questions and requests I had. Their prices are also very reasonable and more affordable than most other places. It was great having Henna as my instructor and JT for everything else needed through my course!

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