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No.1 rated female instructors for driving clases for female students


Marina Valery Nikita

What a great experience it was! Just a few weeks ago driving was merely a dream…

I friend of mine, started her course first. She was with a different school at first. That other school was mostly focused on profit, not the students. My friend failed and lost the hope completely.

Until she came across Ace Driving Academy. Jatinder was the instructor, a Student-oriented instructor! My friend was given a great guidance and she passed a driving test. My friend spoke very highly of JT and that made me inspired.

So I contacted JT and asked her to meet in person. JT promptly returned my text messages and phone calls, and always was on time.

I have signed up for Course A. 15 hours of in-class theory school which brings your insurance down by 20-40% and 10 hours in vehicle practice. The in-class segment is nothing but excellent. The instructors share the knowledge that everyone expect you to know yet it is not written down anywhere. The studying materials are very well planned and truly thorough.

The theory classes combined with the guidance of JT while driving classes work Magic!

But the biggest achievement of JT’s I find is that she managed to break my fear of driving. My family didn’t have that belief in me and neither did I. But that fear is now a history!

I was very happy to have the female instructor. JT was very patient, carrying, knowledgable and inspiring!! She worked around my schedule and pointed out my mistakes in a professional manner and made sure I don’t make them again. She was cheering with me for every little win, she even took me to Deerfoot! Let’s be honest new drivers are terrified of Deerfoot and now that fear is also gone!

JT can even tell the speed of your vehicle without looking at the speedometer!

I am extremely happy about my choice of school and the instructor!

JT teaches from the heart, not from the book!

Dear JT, to the world you may be just the teacher but to your students you are the Hero!

Thank you so very much for your time, guidance and knowledge!

“A teacher affects eternity,
(S)he can never tell where (her)his influence stops”.

~ Henry Adams

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