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No.1 rated female instructors for driving clases for female students


Simranjit Singh Puar

My driving lessons could have not gone better. Don’t let the cheap price of the training fool you, the lessons are of exact or greater in value and quality compared to the larger more well known driving schools.

Jatinder and Henna both were very polite, patient and great teachers in their own ways. Both teach you so much and give you extensive road training based on your skill level and establish good driving discipline. As someone who had previous road knowledge, both instructors challenged me not just with my skill on the road, but they also challenged and encouraged me to enforce courtesy and safety among those drivers who are still learning or making mistakes. Through their training, I passed my road test in flying colours

This was definitely a school I’d recommend to anyone of any skill level to brush up or train for Class 5 GDL. If you’re nervous or an anxious person to begin with, you have no need to worry with Ace, they will turn a rookie driver scared of touching the pedals to a car enthusiast by the end of their lessons.

Thank you Jatinder and Henna once again for teaching me so well and making sure I will be a driver of skill and safe leader in the asphalt jungle.

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